Estrada Glória-Babilônia, Km 25. Delfinópolis - MG

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Waterfalls Track mapadastrilhas_final_menor


Starting from the bar you`ll enter on a walk of 1.520 meters on the waterfront of the “Corrego do Facão” (Stream of the Machete), without many natural obstacles where you`ll be able to enjoy natural`s swimming pools and one of the most beautiful waterfall sequence of all region: Waterfall Mapa do Brasil (Map of Brazil – 6 meters.); Waterfall Véu de Noiva (Bride’s Viel – 15 meters); Waterfall Vale do Céu (Sky Valley – 35 meters). In the return you will cognize the typical vegetation of the Brazilian savannah hedge and all its beauty. This walked has approximately 40 minutes duration.


Mata’s track


Also starting from the bar, you must be prepared for one walk of approximately 1 h and 30 minutes when will cover a stretch of 3.180 meters of a regular trail with some natural obstacle. Here you will know all the ” Waterfalls`s Trail”, will also know the low part of the ” Funnel`s Waterfall ” and will go to the one waterfall still little visited that is the ” Hole`s Waterfall”. In all path you will be able to appreciate native species of the Brazilian savannah hedge and Atlantic forest.




We also offer trekking for the most beautiful landscapes of the “Canastra National Park” and all the degrees of difficulties with total structure of guides and 4×4 cars, providing a bigger comfort and security to the participants.
Facão Waterfall – 3 hs
Buraco Waterfall – 4 hs
Cruzes Mount – 4 hs
Casca D’anta Waterfall – 2 days


Average distance
Difficulty level
Estimated time
Waterfall’s track*
1,6 km
2 hours
Mata’s track*
3 km
2 hours
2 km
Monkey’s track**
3 km
2 hours
Samambaias’ track***
1 km
40 minutes
Maria Augusta track
8 km
2 hours
Morro da Cruzes track
3 km
Difficulty level in rainy days:
* danger of flooding, keep away from the water and find a shelter.
** slippery, be careful.
*** very slippery, don’t take the risk.